Welcome 2021 planning committee!  The last family reunion was a huge success and I think it only appropriate that we continue with that success.  Our committees will work together to incorporate successes from the last reunion with progressive thought and insight.

Your participation in this process is crucial to create a weekend for our family to celebrate, forge new relationships, discover new family members, and catch up with the other families.

If you are interested in working on the committee, please click this link 

You can also reach out to the Reunion Chair, Karen Settles by email at karensettles7@gmail.com.


Click here for committee roles and responsibilities


Hello family! The following family members were sent registration packets for the family reunion, but they were returned by the post office.  If you have any information that will assist us in getting registration material to one of these people, please email the information to karensettles7@gmail.com Thank you.
Kimberly Curtis
Lynn Bowman
Angela Mosley
William Robert II
George Claypool
Billy & Jeanie Draper
Vernetta Williams
Ciara Lowe
Jeanette Goldman
Millie & James Williamson
Lawrence & Gwen Woolfolk
Sherri Ann Holmes
Beverly Martinez
Venetta M. Jackson-Staffeny
Darryl H. Woolfolk
Cynthia Barefield
Barbara Roundtree
Bill Barefield
Nikki Leek
Carl & Yolanda Coleman
Georgia Phoenix
Darrel Massie
Darlene Smith
Rudell Woolfolk
James Massie
Carrie Woolfolk-Herring
Brenda Grady
Barbara Johnson
Orkell & Sally Washington
Dante & Tanesa Smith
Ossie & Yvonne Barefield
Elizabeth Rucker
La Tifa Lovies
Ashley Wells
Nechelle Henderson
Marilyn Crosssland-Kendrick
Gloria Wilson
Nichole Hill
Georgia Woolfolk
Andre Wells
Diane Miller
Carlos Barefield
Shaun Cofield
Christi Tillman
Benita Reynolds
Eugenia Clemons
Roselyn Carter
Ladale Fleming
Loretta Davies
Leonard Pryor
Elmer & Rudell Woolfolk
Sharriane Singleton
Brenda Johnson
Lillie Edwards
Cheryl Barefield
David Butler
Evelyn Johnson
Larry & Carol Washington
Marica Roundtree
Vernetta Williams
Cedrick & Jennifer Foster
James T. Williams
Evelyn O'Neal


Detroit, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan