Our Charge: After the many joyous gatherings over the last 36 years, we can pridefully say that “Membership has Its Privileges”. I know I’m not alone when I say that it is truly a joy to be a part of this family. As we move forward with our planning,  pull from the successes of prior reunions and engage in some “out of the box” thinking to come up with interesting and exciting new ways to improve upon aspect of the reunion. Also, let’s think about how we can incorporate activities that encourage family bonding. We want everyone to meet new family members rather than just interacting with those they already know. Lastly, let’s keep in mind that our family spend its time and money to make it to the biennial reunion, so let’s give them the five star treatment they deserve!!!

If you are interested in working on the committee, please reach out to Anthony, Debbie, or one of the Chairs listed below.