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Family, this is very important because this is how we are updating our contact database to ensure that we have current information for all family members. Even if you are not planning to attend the reunion, please update your info

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Tenisha Yancey
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Detroit MI Paralegal 1
I am the great-grand of Willie and Pearlie Barefield, grand-daughter of Melvin and Lillie Edwards (Barefield), and daughter of Patricia Yancey (Edwards).

I am so impressed and excited about this website. It's a wonderful tool to keep in touch with family across the miles. Unfortunately I will not be attending the reunion this year, but I hope to be at the next one.
Myla Barefield (Young)
Oak Park Attorney 2
I am the granddaughter of William and Pearlie (McClelland) Barefield and daughter of  the late Morris Barefield and Lun Ye Crim Barefield; Sister of Erik Barefield.