August 5, 2022
1 Year, 2 months and 23 days left
until our celebration.

2021 Reunion Postponed Until August 5 - 7, 2022

"Detroit, The Motor City"


Hello Family,

The Grand Chain Family Foundation (GCFF) and the Detroit Host Committee have been closely monitoring the developments as it relates to COVID-19. Though we are anxious and excited about hosting the family in the Motor City, the health and safety of our family must come first. Per the CDC, travel increases your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Also, there are many conditions (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, sickle cell anemia) that are more prevalent in the African American community that increases our risk of severe illness from COVID-19.  Though the reunion is still 11 months away, we are fast approaching 200,000 coronavirus related deaths in the U.S. with no end in sight. We typically sign contracts with vendors and secure the hotel 12 months out from the reunion, but it has been impossible to plan in this environment and we may still be dealing with this pandemic in 2021. As a result of the aforementioned risks and challenges, we are postponing the GCFF Reunion in Detroit reunion to August 5 -7, 2022. Please share this information with other family members.

Our 2022 Reunion Chair is Chalena Beasley, grandaughter of Lillie Mae Edwards (Barefield). The families comprised of the "Big 6" Barefield/Barfield, Clay, Claypool, Henderson, McClelland, and Woolfolk families joining together in the great state of Detroit, Michigan for the 21th biennial gathering in the “The Mitten State”, to celebrate family. The seeds of this great tree that were planted in Grand Chain, IL have blossomed into a magnificent exemplification of love, life, and family. 
The Detroit committee and family members are excited about hosting the reunion in Detroit, MI the birthplace of Motown soul music in the United States. Detroit is rich in history, culture, and diversity and is known as the "Motor City'.  
Detroit boasts a host of attractions for all ages, including: Belle Isle, the Detroit Zoo, The Detroit Institue of Arts, the Eastern Market, the Riverfront and many more. Click here, for more information regarding what Detroit
We are committed to ensuring that this reunion is a continuation of the excellence to which you are accustomed. In 2022, we will be looking at new and innovative ways to make the family reunion experience amazing for everyone! We are working hard to come up with activities that ALL will enjoy.

If you are able to help us raise funds for the family reunion, feel free to set up a fundraiser on FaceBook. 
For the Grand Chain Family Foundation located in Illinois.
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If you are interested in assisting with the planning or if you have questions or concerns, I can be reached at I can't wait to see you!
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